101+ cutest mini tattoo designs for girls in 2023

Love tattoos and you want to engrave something on your body. But which image should I choose and where should I tattoo it to still ensure the graceful beauty of the girl? LAMIA today will introduce to ladies a few cute mini tattoo designs. Surely she will receive a rain of compliments from those opposite her.

Places to get cute mini tattoos

If in the past, Tattoos only appeared among brothers and sisters in the gang, then today it is different. Tattooing is considered a form of art. For men, tattoos are often placed in easy-to-see locations. At the same time, large-sized tattoos show the bravery of men. But for women, cute mini tattoos are chosen the most. Tattoos are also a great way to coordinate outfits for women.

For women, small tattoos will make them more attractive

Check out the cutest mini tattoo designs for girls

There are many beautiful small tattoos, but cute tattoos are quite rare. If you want to get a tattoo, then immediately refer to some beautiful tattoo designs below.

Beautiful small tattoos (mini tattoos)

Beautiful small tattoos that girls can refer to include: moon, rose, heart, sunflower, etc.


Cute mini tattoo on shoulder

If the location you choose for the tattoo is the shoulder, you can choose one of the following images:

  • Flower tattoos:
  • Image of moon and stars
  • Heart.

The crescent moon gently and tenderly rests on my shoulder


The perfect cherry branch on her shoulder

Beautiful tattoo design on back

The most commonly chosen beautiful back tattoo designs are: lotus flowers, hydrangeas, deer, wind chimes, butterflies.…


It could be a wind chime

Beautiful tattoos for leg tattoos

With the tattoo location being on the leg, you can choose images of flowers, animals, snowflakes, wind chimes, etc.


A super cute panda

Beautiful flower-themed tattoos

Beautiful flowers are always the favorite of girls. There are many different flowers you can choose for tattoos: cherry blossoms, peonies, lilies, etc.


Peach blossoms shyly hang on small shoulders

Cute food themed tattoos

Sometimes girls choose their favorite food to tattoo on their body. This is also a very unique idea that helps her attract everyone’s attention.


Bread and butter are entwined together, inseparable

Cute animal tattoos

If you are an animal lover, you can find a suitable place to engrave your favorite animal on your body.


A cat is sleeping

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