Cowboys Predicted to Deal $57 Million Playmaker: ‘Trade Pawn’

The Dallas Cowboys had a disappointing end to their 2022 season, losing in the divisional round of the playoffs. Now there is speculation that the Cowboys could look to make some big trades this offseason to shake up their roster. One name that keeps coming up is wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Cooper was traded to the Cowboys from the Raiders in 2018 and signed a 5-year, $100 million contract in 2020. However, his production dipped in 2021 and Dallas may look to move on from the veteran wideout.

Cooper is still owed $57 million over the next 3 seasons, making his contract difficult to move. But his talent and past production could entice a team to take on the financial commitment.

The Cowboys paid a first-round pick to acquire Cooper just a few years ago. So they will likely seek similar compensation if they do decide to trade him. Cooper could potentially net Dallas another first-round selection.

At 27-years old, Cooper still has prime years left. And he’s topped 1,000 receiving yards in 5 of his 7 NFL seasons. For a team needing a proven number one receiver, he could be worth the price.

The Cowboys’ offense struggled with balance and consistency last season. Moving on from Cooper would free up cap space to address other needs. It would also open more targets for CeeDee Lamb to emerge as the undisputed top option.

While parting with Cooper may be difficult, it could end up being a necessary sacrifice. The Cowboys have to shake things up after another early playoff exit. Dealing their high-priced receiver for draft capital could give the roster a much-needed boost.

Cooper may simply be an unfortunate trade pawn and salary cap casualty. But his talents could make some contender very happy next season. It will be fascinating to see if the Cowboys pull the trigger on a blockbuster Cooper trade this offseason.

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