LeBron James Reacts After Celtics Select Bronny James in the Draft

After the Celtics selected Bronny James in the draft, LeBron James said: “I’m still his father.”

This quote from LeBron James shows his joy and pride when his son, Bronny James, was selected to the Celtics team. This is an important step in Bronny’s basketball career and also a source of pride for LeBron as a father.

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LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball stars and has a great influence on the sports world. He has built a remarkable career and inspired many people. The fact that his son was selected in the draft is a testament to LeBron’s talent and lineage on the football field.

Despite his joy and pride, LeBron James also understands that his son needs to put effort and effort into developing his talent. Being selected in the draft is just the first step and there are many challenges ahead. LeBron will continue to support and accompany his son in this process.

LeBron James scores season-high 40 points in Los Angeles Lakers' win over  Oklahoma City Thunder | CNN

Bronny James joining the Celtics also generated attention and interest from the public and media. The expectations placed on these children are huge, but LeBron James has experienced similar pressures and will support his son through difficulties on his basketball career path.

Fim de carreira? Entenda a situação de LeBron James na NBA

In addition to being a great player, LeBron James also always puts family first. His pride and joy when his son was selected in the draft shows a father’s love and care for his children. LeBron will continue to accompany Bronny on his basketball journey and inspire future generations.

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