Patrick Mahomes Applauds Teammate Travis Kelce for his “Legendary” No-Touchdown Performance against the Bills

When Travis Kelce, who is 34 years old and a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, quarterback Patrick Mahomes wishes that his teammate Travis Kelce’s non-touchdown lateral be shown.

“Man, this is a moment that will go down in history.” Mahomes stated that it is not instructive. The phrase “something that only a couple of people in this world would even think about doing”

“For him to make that play in that moment — making the play, making the catch, making a couple of guys miss, and then throwing the ball across the field to another guy and scoring a touchdown in that moment — I hope they still show it whenever he goes into the Hall of Fame,” Mahomes added. “I hope they still show it whenever he goes into the Hall of Fame.”

“Because that is a moment that will go down in history, but we were not able to be there to witness it.”

The touchdown that was scored by Mahomes, Kelce, Kadarius, and Toney, which gave the Chiefs a momentary lead over the Buffalo Bills with just over a minute left in the game on Sunday, was overturned because of an offensive offsides infraction that was called on Toney.

Travis Kelce throwing the ball to Kadarius Toney would've been the go-ahead touchdown

Travis Kelce throwing the ball to Kadarius Toney would’ve been the go-ahead touchdown

Patrick Mahomes hopes the play is still shown in Canton, Ohio when Kelce is a Hall of Famer

When Kelce is inducted into the Hall of Fame, Patrick Mahomes really hopes that the play will still be performed in Canton, Ohio.

Mahomes had an outburst on the sideline when the score was taken away from him, during which he smashed a helmet and used a couple profanities. Andy Reid, the head coach of Kansas City, also stated that the call was awkward for the National Football League.

As a result of the forfeited touchdown, the Bills were able to maintain their victory, which could prove to be crucial in the AFC playoff race that is now very close.

The fury that Mahomes appeared to feel seems to originate not only from the fact that the game was lost, but also from the fact that a close friend and colleague had been deprived of a highlight-reel moment due to a straightforward and expensive error.

During the time when the ball was being hoisted to Mahomes, it was confirmed by replays that Toney’s right foot was roughly a yard offside.

Mahomes heaped praise on his 'Hall of Fame' bound teammate Kelce after the Bills defeat

Mahomes heaped praise on his ‘Hall of Fame’ bound teammate Kelce after the Bills defeat

Kelce (right) left hand-in-hand with Taylor Swift after the heartbreaking loss to the Buffalo Bills

Immediately following the devastating defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, Kelce (right) walked away hand in hand with Taylor Swift.

“That is a Hall of Fame tight end making a Hall of Fame play that will not be shown because [the officials] threw a flag for offensive offsides,” Mahomes pointed out. “That is a play that will not be shown.”

“Not only does it detract from this game and this season, but it also detracts from a legendary career that Travis has had,” Mahomes concluded. It is painful for me to hear that because I am aware of how hard he works for it.

After the game, Kelce was seen departing hand in hand with his girlfriend Taylor Swift, which indicates that his evening will most likely have taken a positive turn for the better.

It was just a few days before Kelce’s 34th birthday on Wednesday when the pop superstar made the trip to Kansas City to visit her. The couple’s romance is continuing to flourish, and the pop diva’s visit came just in time.

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