RBP Collaborates with Bad Bunny on a Rolls-Royce Project

RBP x Bad Bunny Collaboration: Transforming a Rolls-Royce with Attitude

In an unexpected twist of automotive creativity, the collaboration between RBP (Rolling Big Power) and Bad Bunny has given birth to an extraordinary masterpiece. The union of RBP’s rugged tires and Bad Bunny’s unique vision has resulted in an awe-inspiring transformation of a classic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for the artist’s latest music video “Where She Goes.” The fusion of luxury and off-road prowess has redefined automotive customization.

When the opportunity arose to supply RBP tires for Bad Bunny’s bespoke project, it was met with enthusiasm and honor by the RBP team. A chance to contribute to such an avant-garde venture was not something to be passed up.

The project commenced with a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow serving as the canvas. However, what followed was a metamorphosis that defied conventional norms.

The starting point was the removal of the original roof, which was expertly replaced with a cabriolet setup to imbue the vehicle with an open-air dynamism. To ensure both safety and aesthetics, a customized roll cage was integrated, adorned with off-road lights that elevated its uniqueness.

As the project unfolded, bespoke elements were introduced to accentuate the audacious nature of the collaboration. Custom fender flares gracefully complemented a substantial 3-inch lift, allowing for an aggressive stance.

The inclusion of custom Rolls-Royce-inspired off-road wheels provided a juxtaposition of elegance and ruggedness, highlighting the harmonious blend of two seemingly disparate worlds. Practicality met creativity with the incorporation of running boards, enhancing accessibility to this unconventional masterpiece.

Yet, perhaps the pièce de résistance amidst the flurry of modifications was the fitting of RBP Repulsor M/T RX tires, sized at an impressive 31×10.50R15LT.

These tires seamlessly merged capability with style, symbolizing the essence of this collaboration. The tires not only embraced the vehicle’s newfound adventurous spirit but also reaffirmed RBP’s commitment to quality and performance.

A testament to the skill and dedication of Wires Only and Chad, who undertook this ambitious project on short notice, the final result left an indelible mark. Their craftsmanship, combined with the daring vision of Bad Bunny, delivered a spectacle that pushes the boundaries of automotive artistry.

It’s important to extend gratitude to Wires Only and Chad for affording RBP the opportunity to contribute to this iconic creation. Their partnership has not only birthed a remarkable vehicle but has also ignited inspiration within the automotive world.

To truly appreciate the gravity of this transformation, we invite you to explore the video and photos provided below. Witness firsthand how the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow sheds its traditional identity to embrace a new, exhilarating persona – a testament to the fusion of RBP’s audacious tires and Bad Bunny’s creative ingenuity.

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