Taylor Swift “Star Travis Kelce’s girlfriend” Shines as Bridesmaid in Stunning Maroon Dress

The curly-haired beauty and her friends have been friends since high school. In fact, she dedicated her 2009 hit song Fifteen to their college years together.

So it makes sense that Taylor Swift was the center of attention at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Saturday.

The 27-year-old singer, whose new revenge single is called “Look What You Made Me Do,” looked stunning in a halterneck maroon dress while taking care of her blonde friend at the big wedding on the popular island just south of Cape Cod.

Fulfilling her duties: It is no wonder Taylor Swift was front and centre at best pal Abigail Anderson's wedding on Saturday, held at the stunning Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts

Because she had to be there, Taylor Swift was the center of attention at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Saturday.

Taylor looked stunning in her floor-length dress, which had a classic sweetheart neckline and hugged her slim figure before falling into a soft A-line skirt.

Taylor wore a bold white-colored lipstick that matched the color of her dress. She also had a soft smoky eye and loose curls to tie the look together in a classy way.

But by wearing only a simple silver pendant, the country singer made sure that all eyes were on the beautiful bride Abigail as she did her job as a bridesmaid and carried her long train into the church.

Ready for fall: Taylor looked effortlessly stunning in her floor-length gown - which cut into a classic sweetheart neckline and clung to her slender frame

Stunning: The dress then cascaded into a soft A-line skirt

To finish off her beautiful look, Abigail wore a long cream veil with matching lace flowers in her hair curled up and held onto a bouquet of pink and maroon flowers as she went inside to say ‘I do.’

Meanwhile, Abigail certainly stole the show in her very fancy bridal gown, which was not typical because it was off-white and pale pink.

The dress pulled into a beautiful neckline with no straps, and the delicate white lace pattern went all the way to hug her slim body.

To make a bigger statement, the wedding dress grew into a dramatic fishtail bottom made of bright pink tulle. It was so big that Taylor had to help her carry it.

To finish off her beautiful look, Abigail wore a long cream veil with matching lace flowers in her hair curled up and held onto a bouquet of pink and maroon flowers as she went inside to say ‘I do.’

Here comes the bride! Meanwhile Abigail certainly stole the show in her elaborate bridal gown, which went against tradition with its off-white and pale pink hue 

Taylor and her mother Andrea were friends with the bride’s mother since school and both went to the wedding. She looked just as classy in a black knee-length dress and a matching shawl.

Taylor looked very calm as she spent the weekend at the wedding with her family and friends. This was after the release of Look What You Made Me Do, the first single from her new album, and its somewhat controversial music video.

Even though it made people laugh, the song has already been a huge hit. It jumped to the top of the UK chart in its first week, with 30,000 downloads and 5.3 million streams.

The new album has a much darker and edgier vibe, and Swift wore all black to make herself look angry. The lyrics were said to poke fun at Katy Perry, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Hiddleston.

Stunning: The dress pulled into a gorgeous strapless neckline, before it perfectly hugged her slim frame all the way down with its delicate white lace pattern 

Supportive: Taylor’s mother Andrea, who has been friends with the bride’s mother since school, wore a black knee-length dress and a shawl that matched.

Some taking a picture of Perry’s character is seen getting into a bad car accident.

When she says in the second verse that her unnamed rival “locked me out and threw a feast,” the lyrics seem to be referring to Perry. This could be a reference to Katy’s song Bon Appétit.

The line “They once belonged to me” in the second verse is also thought to be about her fight with Perry over their tour dancers.

In the video, Taylor laid in a bathtub full of diamond jewels and talked about her enemy’s “perfect crime.” This seemed to be a jab at Kim.

Fans think the bird was talking about Kim’s scary jewelry theft in Paris in October.

Finally, Taylor is seen with backup dancers wearing ‘I Heart Taylor Swift’ T-shirts, which were famously worn by her ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston last July.

Her sixth studio album, Reputation, is set to come out on November 10, and this single is the first song from it.

Even though she has a busy work schedule, she is still going to the wedding even though she helped people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Charitable: Taylor's appearance at the wedding also comes after she contributed to the victims of Hurricane Harvey - having made a sizable donation to the Houston Food Bank in honor of her mother, Andrea, who attended University of Houston

Comеbаck kιԀ: Eᴠе𝚗 tҺouɡҺ ιt mаԀе ρеoρlе lаuɡҺ, tҺе so𝚗ɡ Һаs аlɾеаԀy bее𝚗 а Һuɡе Һιt. It jumρеԀ to tҺе toρ of tҺе UK cҺаɾt ι𝚗 ιts fιɾst wееk, wιtҺ 30,000 Ԁow𝚗loаԀs а𝚗Ԁ 5.3 mιllιo𝚗 stɾеаms.

Moɾе tҺа𝚗 30,000 ρеoρlе wеɾе stuck ι𝚗 sҺеltеɾs аcɾoss Tеxаs а𝚗Ԁ Louιsιа𝚗а bеcаusе tҺеy wеɾе too full аftеɾ tҺе Һеаᴠιеst ɾаι𝚗 ι𝚗 US Һιstoɾy cаusеԀ flooԀs ι𝚗 Housto𝚗.

I𝚗 Һo𝚗oɾ of Һеɾ motҺеɾ, A𝚗Ԁɾеа, wҺo wе𝚗t to tҺе U𝚗ιᴠеɾsιty of Housto𝚗, tҺе foɾmеɾ cou𝚗tɾy sι𝚗ɡеɾ ɡаᴠе а lot of mo𝚗еy to tҺе Housto𝚗 FooԀ Bа𝚗k.

TҺе Housto𝚗 FooԀ Bа𝚗k sаιԀ o𝚗 Fаcеbook, “Wе tҺа𝚗k you, Tаyloɾ, а𝚗Ԁ wе tҺа𝚗k еᴠеɾyo𝚗е wҺo ɡаᴠе to Һеlρ ɾеbuιlԀ ouɾ commu𝚗ιty.”

Jе𝚗𝚗ιfеɾ Lаwɾе𝚗cе’s е𝚗еmy Kιm KаɾԀаsҺιа𝚗 а𝚗Ԁ Һеɾ fаmιly аlso ɡаᴠе $500k to cҺаɾιty, аlo𝚗ɡ wιtҺ Ellе𝚗 DеGе𝚗еɾеs, Lеo𝚗аɾԀo DιCаρɾιo, а𝚗Ԁ Sа𝚗Ԁɾа Bullock.

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