Tech Revolution: Ram 1500 EV Unveils a Range of Cutting-Edge Features

The Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept’s tech list includes steering wheel-mounted displays, a removable dashboard display, and autonomous capabilities.

We’ve been hearing rumors about an electric Ram pickup truck for almost three years.

The waiting game is now over because the Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept has just been unveiled at CES 2023.

It’s worth getting excited about too because the EV showcases a truckload of innovative features that will be seen in future Rams and, in particular, on Ram’s electrification journey.

The Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept is loaded with gadget features including steering wheel-mounted displays and a removable dashboard display.

It even has autonomous capabilities that allow the truck to roll behind you as you walk across your work site, which is pretty neat.

As it’s a concept vehicle, we haven’t been told a huge amount about its powertrain.

What we do know, is the Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept uses two electric motors, one driving each axle housed in electric drive modules.

These modules are designed to accommodate a range of motors, with Ram hinting at “future high-performance applications” in its debut announcement.

The Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept can add up to 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes with 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 350 kW.

That’s in addition to featuring four-wheel steering with up to 15 degrees of articulation for greater vehicle maneuverability.

Based on the company’s STLA Frame platform, the Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept features a body-on-frame design that incorporates the battery pack efficiently.

We’ve not been given any power figures, so it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find how many horses are under the skin of the production model.

We have a fair idea of what it’ll look like, though.

All the gadgetry we’ve spoken about previously is wrapped up in a design Ram calls “brutiful” – a mashup of brutal and beautiful.

An animated and modernized “R-A-M” badge adorns the all-new face of the Ram, which features a fully animated LED “tuning fork” design.

Bright LED lights have been cleverly integrated into the front bumper flares and advancements in lighting are highlighted by fully animated LED tail lamps and badging.

Recognizable Ram design cues include a power multifunction tailgate and a larger RamBox.

The acute hourglass body design and fender wells clear 35-inch tires with a new unique design.

The Ram 1500 Revolution EV Concept features self-leveling capability and rides on 24-inch wheels with center caps that light up and stay in place.

For hauling people, Ram says the Revolution’s configurable interior offers an additional four-inches of legroom without changing the bed size compared to the current production models.

There’s also room behind the second row of seats for a pair of third-row jump seats, affixed to the mid-gate.

More news on the production version will be available in the coming months, including pricing and when it’s available, which is looking like 2024.

What Ram has claimed, though, is that it “will be the leader in a combination of areas customers care about the most: range, towing, payload and charge time.”

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