The Green G-Wagen: Mercedes Officially Announces the All-Electric Model for the G-Wagen

The all-electric G-Wagen has one of the coolest features we’ve ever seen in a car; the 360-degree tank turn.

We’ve seen the G-Wagen transformed into a 6×6 bullet-proof beast, and even modified into a convertible, but we’ve never seen a fully-electric G.

Until now.

This is the Mercedes Concept EQG, and it’s the future of the G-class.

With the industry quickly shifting focus away from gas-powered cars, Mercedes is taking it seriously and turning one of its most popular models into an EV.

The EQG is more than just a concept too, it’s got the green light for production.

Mercedes says we can expect to see about 80 percent of the concept car, which Supercar Blondie filmed in Dubai, in the production car.

It will also have one of the coolest features we’ve ever seen in a car; the 360 degree tank turn.

Yep, the all-electric G-Wagen will be able to pull off a 360 turn, which Mercedes is calling the ‘G-Turn’.

Mercedes EQG electric G-Wagen

When designing the electric G-Wagen, Mercedes was committed to “remaining true” to the legacy of the G-class.

As a result, the all-electric concept looks just like the G-Wagen we’ve all come to know and love.

Having said that, there are a few things that set it apart from the normal G.

The first thing is the grille, which isn’t really a grille anymore.

The faux grille / panel that replaced it comes to life at the touch of a button, as do the illuminated strips on the roof rack and down the sides of the car.

And when you turn the car on, you’ll know for sure it’s no normal G.

Most notably, the car is two-tone, with gloss black at the top and an aluminum beam at the bottom.

At the back, the iconic G-Wagen spare tire has been replaced by a compartment to hold your charging cable.

Mercedes EQG electric G-Wagen rear


The Concept EQG interior is blinding.

It’s covered in white and cream luxury leather and finished with silver carbon fiber on the center console.

While Mercedes could have given it an expansive screen running the length of the dashboard, it didn’t.

And it did this for a reason.

Mercedes wanted to stay true to the G-Class legacy – which is essentially a luxury off-roader, so it forfeited a bigger screen for robust handrails.

Mercedes also refused to compromise on off-road capabilities, giving the EQG a motor at each wheel for “enormous pulling power and controllability”.

In fact, the German marque insists the all-electric G is built for off-road adventuring just like its internal combustion engine predecessor.

The Mercedes G-Wagen is expensive.

And the electric Mercedes G Concept will be equally pricey: it is expected to cost USD 150,000.

The marque is yet to reveal a top speed or range for the car, but we can expect it to reveal more in lead up to the EV’s debut in 2024.

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