Collection of Blackwork Tattoo Styles

Blackwork tattoo style tattoos use mainly black ink (sometimes with other accent colors), bold outlines show strength and decisiveness.


The origins of Blackwork lie in ancient tribal tattoos – Polynesia. Revolving around the natural lines of the human body, these tattoos are often based on a person’s personality and the tattooist will use geometric and tribal symbolism to illustrate your life story.

Blackwork tattoo style develops from any idea you want but detailed lines, combined with realistic style. Blackwork design completely focuses on the tattoo artist’s technique of creating sharp, delicate and decisive lines that help the tattoo stand out and attract viewers. Blackwork deserves respect for its boldness and resonance, pushing dot & line techniques to the extreme. With high coverage ability, it has become the perfect choice for cover-up of past tattoos.


Blackwork tattoos are carefully cared for by the artist in every detail with simple but extremely delicate black ink strokes. Achieving such results depends greatly on the skill of the tattoo artist. This is the perfect choice if you love “All Black” or black and white style.


Once you have chosen the perfect location for your Blackwork tattoo, next is time to decide on the tattoo artist, theme and size of the tattoo.


When choosing a Blackwork style to express your personality, you should schedule a face-to-face meeting with an artist specializing in Blackwork tattoos to ensure the design is exactly what you are looking for. In particular, choose a tattoo artist who specializes in the Blackwork style, although it may cost a little more than those with more general expertise, this is a surefire way to ensure the quality of the tattoo is worthy. Worthwhile, unique and makes you proud for a lifetime.


Artist @nhatbe , founder of Alchemist Tattoo Saigon and one of the famous tattoo artists of Blackwork style in Vietnam and abroad. Coming from a Fine Arts background, he has a different artistic perspective and understands the wishes conveyed by customers. @nhatbe’s works focus on contemporary designs, striking and sharp techniques. In particular, each of his designs is suitable for each customer’s body position like he created it specifically for them and always retains each person’s original skin color as a distinct highlight that not everyone likes. can do it. He knows how to make each of his designs unique, despite conveying the same Blackwork style. Because of that, his “unique quality” is known to many people.



In addition to Blackwork style, @nhatbe is also known as a pioneer artist who successfully demonstrates the Neo-traditional style, which is still very new in Vietnam. Inspired by life, after death and fine art, he has created many different works that attract viewers. It’s the same aspect of art, but @nhatbe has portrayed that work from his perspective with delicate beauty and unique techniques that only he possesses.

During the first decades of its era, Neo-traditional was known as a cutting-edge tattoo style practiced by new generations of artists. Creativity, passion and imagination are what contributed to the transformation of this iconic style.


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