Launching a trendy gold shiny tattoo collection that challenges all time

Queen Bee’s tattoo collection meets the current trend of using temporary tattoos to decorate the body like jewelry. The tattoo set includes 57 separate designs, including diverse images from bees and honeycombs to words and phrases from Beyoncé’s lyrics such as “flawless”, “blow”, “I woke up like this”. “, “Pretty Hurts”…"Beyonce_x_Flash_Tattoos_Collection_4" "Beyonce_x_Flash_Tattoos_Collection_5"Iridescent metallic gold tattoos stuck on the neck, shoulders, wrists, fingers… are like beautiful jewelry, helping you become unique and stand out immediately. The special thing about these temporary tattoos is that you can design them yourself by combining separate details together as you like to make a difference for yourself, and of course you don’t have to worry about them lasting on the internet. My body will forever be like a real tattoo.


"Beyonce_x_Flash_Tattoos_Collection_2" "Beyonce_x_Flash_Tattoos_Collection_1"

You can also use this tattoo to paste on a leather jacket for decoration.

You can order online on the website , priced at only 28 USD/set of 5 pieces. Flash Tattoo is one of the first places to initiate the temporary tattoo trend with unique metallic tattoo designs, very popular with American youth. The brand became more known when stars took photos of their tattoos and posted them on Instagram.

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