Tattoo trends people choose in 2022

In 2022, social networks help many tattoo trends become famous. Besides, some classic art drawings are becoming popular again.


The tattoo trends of 2022 are somewhat more prominent than the popular art drawings of 2021. Tattoo artist Lorena Lorenzo of Indigo Art Tattoo said social networks help many drawings become famous. Her customers come and want to tattoo images posted on social networks."CoinOne of the prominent trends is butterfly tattoos, in the style of the 1990s. Tattoo artist Fleur Noire said many customers come in and want classic tattoos. Among them, drawings inspired by butterfly wings are the most popular. The female tattoo artist commented: “I think butterfly tattoos will make a strong comeback this year due to their timeless design and symbolism”.

"Coin“Micro-realism tattoos are becoming a trend,” says Ken Go, a tattoo artist working at Fleur Noire. Many of his customers want to tattoo small works of art or portraits of family or pets.

"CoinAbstract tattoos are popular because of their uniqueness and are suitable for all ages and genders. Tattoo artist Brian Steffey commented: “An abstract tattoo is a design created freely, without a theme or formula”."Coin2022 marks the revival of colorful tattoos. Tattoo artists and clients alike find color tattoos bring a sense of optimism and brightness.

"CoinSpiritual drawings are more popular this year. Nic El, owner of Gorilla Tattoo Paphos, said spiritual tattoos are associated with healing, balance and positive energy. Therefore, many people feel a deep connection with them."CoinThe minimalist trend is still going strong, even in tattoos. “Minimalist tattoos are easy to hide, delicate and suitable for groups of people who do not like boldness,” said Nic El.

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